About Momma Hop


Okay so my name isn’t actually Momma Hop…My name is Hailey Hopkins.  I’m a wife to Kyle, momma to Andrew (aka A), friend, daughter, sister and silly goose :).  I love eating (don’t we all?), photography, hiking, crafting, hanging out with my boys and the sunshine.  After giving birth to my son, I found a lot of much needed support from other mommas and I decided that I would try to return the favor.  Life is hard, but it’s also wonderful!  Sometimes I literally feel a screw coming loose in my brain trying to juggle work (and I’m only part time!), groceries, laundry, wife duties, mom duties, dinners, etc. etc. etc. all while trying to have a “life” outside of the home as a 28 year old female (and now I’m adding blogging to that list LOL).  Like I said, it’s hard!  However, I’ve always wanted a life like the one I have.  I’m blessed beyond words, thankful for absolutely everything I have (especially my family) and honored that God gave me life at all.  I’ve always felt that I need to help people more, be giving, be kind, and this might be a modern way to do so, but I think if people can find my blog helpful or even slightly funny then I’m doing my part.  I’m here to share stories that you can relate to, share recipes that you can actually make (and have time to make), share happiness and on some days sadness.  I’m really just here to share my life with you and hopefully share a smile.  Joy can only be found within yourself, but it doesn’t hurt to try and help people find it.  Here we go!


2 thoughts on “About Momma Hop

  1. Hi there Hailey,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the blogosphere and for the follow. I hope that you get as much pleasure from it as I do,
    Looking forward to seeing more from you 🙂



    • Hi Ed!
      You’re so welcome, and thank YOU as well! It’s been a wonderful experience being able to write about my life. Your photos are great! I love photography and love looking at people’s talent through a photograph. Happy writing!

      Liked by 1 person

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