C&A Wedding Photos! 5.21.16

After I graduated college I worked with a wedding photographer in my area.  I assisted her as a second shooter for 3 or 4 years during wedding season.  She was an amazing teacher to me.  I learned so much from her and I loved working with her.  Thank you, Morgen!

Although I worked with Morgen for a few years, I’ve never photographed a wedding on my own and I’ve never helped with editing the photos.  I would always show up to wherever Morgen told me to go, she would hand me a camera and I would start shooting.  During this time, she was available to me for any questions I may have had.  It was great!  After 8 or so hours of shooting I would give her camera back to her and leave; she would take it home and process everything.  This is how we did things.

I just have to mention this…Most people don’t realize how long it takes to edit photos.  Editing is MUCH more work than actually taking the pictures…Ok, had to throw that out there! Anyway…

When I talked with my brother a few months ago about taking his (and Amanda’s) wedding photos, I was excited.  Then it hit me that I would be responsible for capturing the most memorable and special day of their lives and quickly became nervous!  After stressing for a few months, the wedding came and went and I survived!  I’m officially finished with editing the photos and I think they turned out well!  Amanda was SUCH a beautiful bride and my brother was so sweet and looked so happy.  Andrew was the ring bearer…or supposed to be…but he was Mr. Cranky Pants on the day of the wedding so he didn’t actually walk down the aisle.  That’s okay though, he still looked super cute!  Overall, the day was amazing and I’m so happy that I was able to give them their wedding gift on a flash drive!  Ha!

I mailed the flash drive to Amanda and Cale a few days ago with 275 edited photos on it.  I really hope they’re happy with them!  I won’t share all of the photos with you, because you probably don’t want to see 275 photos on one blog post, but here are some of my favorites!

I love the twinkly light spots on the knife…I must be a photographer…


Amanda and my mom basically made all of the reception decorations.  It looked sooo beautiful!


I bought her that hanger for her bridal shower so of course I had to make sure she used it! 😉

IMG_205 (3)

That dress!! GORG!

IMG_205 (5)

Her bouquet was so amazing!  She made it herself using a ton of different brooches! ❤


Can you say flawless skin and perfect hair??

IMG_316 (15)

These girls looked so freakin’ pretty!


I always love a fun “It’s wedding day!!!!!! YAY!!!” photo.


Had to share this one of my brother and my dad 🙂


My handsome brother!  This is my favorite of him.

IMG_265 (1)

The cool guys with the most gorgeous background!


My verryyy tired son but isn’t he just the cutest?!


Here comes the bride!


Every girl wants a picture of their groom when he first sees his bride walk down the aisle.  I think Amanda will cherish this one forever.  My brother was slightly emotional, which made it even more special.  I feel like this photo says a lot about how he feels about her.


And this photo says a lot about how she feels about him.  She looks so happy!


That stained glass though…so beautiful!


Pure sweetness.

IMG_467 (2)

Mr. and Mrs.!!


Set up the camera on a tripod and had someone push the button so I could be in the family photo LOL


Bride and her flower girl.  So sweet.


Amanda and her girls, and Xia being super silly! 🙂


These two ❤


Cale and his nephew, with a huge bump on his head from falling earlier…


My Aunt made their wedding cake.  Look how gorgeous it is!


Ding, ding, ding, time to cut the cake!


The reception ended around 6 pm and we all went back to my parents house.  Amanda wanted a family photo outside with their fur baby Remi.  This ended up being one of my favorite wedding photos of theirs!  I’m loving the flannel, the country setting and the coziness!


I’m thrilled to see my brother happy and I’m so glad he chose Amanda to be his wife.  Family is everything after all!

Talk to you soon


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