Toddler snacks

I don’t know why I always struggle with feeding my kid.  I just worry so much that he’s not getting all the nutrients he needs, even though he really is.  I also worry that if I don’t start him out eating healthy now, he won’t understand how important it is in the future.  We’re doing fine right now but sometimes we need to change things up a bit.

Meals are pretty typical.  Breakfast is usually one of two things:  scrambled eggs with spinach or oatmeal.  I doctor up his oatmeal though, which I think I’ve mentioned before.  I add a touch of honey, a scoop of almond butter, a fruit squeeze pouch and a little milk.  I make a pretty big bowl and split it in half so he has breakfast for two days in a row.  Lunch can vary but we usually do deli chicken lunchmeat, a string cheese, some guacamole and some olives…that’s pretty normal for us.  Dinner is always a win with pasta, especially pesto pasta.  Pasta isn’t the healthiest dinner but that’s okay, I want to keep him full.  Snacks is where we get in a bind.  Smoothies are a big hit and raisins are great.  He loves his goldfish and pretzels, too!  I’m not a huge fan of pretzels mainly because of the enormous amount of salt so I’ve been looking for something else as a substitute.

This morning A and I went to the grocery store.  I like to go in the morning because it’s so quiet.  While I was showing him what a tomato looks like and letting him feel the avocados, a bright yellow package caught my eye.  What was it you ask?  It was a Larabar!  I’ve heard of these before but they’re kinda pricey so I’ve never given into buying one.  Today I did; I bought one.  After reading the label and realizing they’re made with raw, all natural ingredients, I gave in.  I tried the lemon bar and I just have to tell you, it was so freakin’ good! I let Andrew try it and he loved it!  One problem with these is that there are chunks of nuts throughout the bar so I had to be careful with that.  It’s pretty simple to just pick out the nuts though.  I’m so happy that I found a healthy (and easy!) snack for him.  I’m excited to try the other flavors, too.


I feel like this is an ad for Larabars, and I guess it kind of is.  I just wanted to share how much I loved it and how happy I am to find something easy that I feel good about feeding my child.

Side note:  my reason for going to the grocery store this morning was to get the ingredients to make my Mexican Caviar, which I planned on eating for lunch today.  I got home and realized I forgot the main ingredient….great.  Good thing I had my Larabar snack! Hehe!

Happy snacking!

Talk to you soon


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