No more gold fireplace!

I’ve always hated the ugly, outdated gold on our fireplace.  I’ve never really known how to fix it though.  I started researching online and found out that they make a high heat paint for BBQ’s and such.  I also found a few different websites showing a “how to” on getting rid of the gold on fireplaces by using this same high heat paint.  I was so excited!  An easy, inexpensive fix!

This morning the hubby and I went to Home Depot specifically to buy this paint.  Unfortunately we had to buy a whole can ($15 per can), but that’s still a pretty cheap fix.  You can buy a spray paint form but I didn’t know if or how I could take the gold pieces off of the fireplace and I certainly wasn’t going to spray paint inside our living room.  Here it is, Rust-Oleum High Heat paint in black:


I also bought some blue painter’s tape but when we got home, I decided I didn’t really need to tape around the gold.  I thought I could easily paint a straight line and be okay, which turned out to be true (phew!).  I laid down a few towels just in case anything dripped and started the process, while Andrew was taking a nap of course.  I used a foam brush and only needed to do 2 coats to cover the gold.  The paint itself was sort of runny, runnier than all other paints I’ve used before but it covered the gold pretty well even with only 1 coat.  It’s also extremely sticky!  I tried washing out the brushes after I was done painting and that was a big mistake!  Do not do this!  Just throw out the brushes when you’re done!  My hands were black and it took me about a half an hour to get the paint off, AND I only got it off by using my fingernails to scrape it off of my skin…ugh!

Okay, enough is enough, here are some before pictures of the ugly ugly gold:




And here is the finished product:




Also, a side-by-side:


I love it!  It looks so much better!  For $15, I’d say it’s money well spent and a job well done!

Talk to you soon

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