Shout out to the Hubs!

Today I’m feeling very thankful for my husband.  That’s a good feeling!  Not that I don’t usually feel thankful for him, but it’s just more powerful today for some reason.  I’ve said this before but Kyle and I are very different and sometimes it can be hard to relate to each other.  There are things about him I just don’t understand and I’m SURE he feels the same about me.  Sometimes I feel like we are too different, like what the heck are we doing here?  It’s easy to give up on things nowadays and after being with someone for 10 years, you might not have that spark you had in the beginning.  What’s important is that we try to understand each other and even when that doesn’t work, we still love each other regardless.  No matter how bad it’s ever been between my husband and I and no matter what kinds of things we say to each other (well, things I say to him really), at the end of the day I just can’t picture my life without him.  That’s not really where I want this post to go though, I want it to be about me appreciating him today and hopefully every single day from this point forward.

My husband works very hard and often doesn’t get enough credit for it, even from me.  I was raised with a VERY hardworking father and I find myself comparing my husband to my dad in a lot of areas.  My dad has always worked very long hours and it’s a “manly man” kind of work.  He’s a farmer and farmers have always been the hardest working people I know, but that doesn’t mean that a guy in a suit doesn’t work long hours and doesn’t work just as hard.  I never really understood this until I married Kyle.  He works 10-11 hour days every single day and never complains.  He comes home with a smile on his face and rarely says he had a bad day.  He works hard so that I can stay home 5 out of the 7 days a week with our son.  For that, I owe him so much, and I’m so very thankful.

A lot of people complain about working too much or they flat out hate their jobs.  I’m sorry to you if you’re one of those people.  I hear people complain about working 10 hour days.  I hear others brag about how much money they make.  I hear people talk talk and talk some more about how hard they work and they feel under-appreciated.  Again, I’m sorry to you.  What I really love about my husband (and yes sometimes I find it annoying, too), is that he never complains, brags or even talks about how hard he works.  A lot of the time I feel like I need give him a “shout out” because he really does deserve a pat on the back.  So that’s what I’m doing.

My husband won’t read this.  Most of his friends won’t read this.  That’s okay.  Maybe I’ll show this to him someday if he ever is feeling unappreciated, but I really hope he never feels that way.  I hope he knows that I can never thank him enough for allowing me to stay home with Andrew so much.  That is the greatest gift anyone has EVER given me.  I hope he knows that his long hours and positive attitude don’t go unnoticed.  I hope he knows that he’s a great husband and a fantastic father.  He’s always been one of the best people I know.  Now he’s one of the hardest working people I know, too.

Talk to you soon

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