It’s raining and I have a toddler. What do I do?

It’s raining and you have a toddler.  You can’t go for a walk or play at the park so you’re limited in your options of “fun” stuff to do.  So what do you do?  Where can you go?


1.)  Well for one you could play in the rain!  Don’t you remember this when you were a kid?  It’s a different world now yes, but I used to play in the dang ditch when I was a kid.  Go jump in the puddles and even play in the mud.  You can always strip at the front door and do some laundry – you’re making memories here!

2.)  Visit your local library.  I took A to the library a couple of weeks ago and it was so fun!  They had a little kid’s area and although he wanted nothing to do with reading, we still played with some legos and interacted with other children.  We spent an hour and a half there.

3.)  Hit up a children’s museum.  I know this might not be possible for some people if you don’t have a children’s museum in your area but we do.  You could spend half a day there!  Or visit any kind of museum!

4.)  Walk around the mall.  This might sound weird, and may be dangerous to your wallet but it could be fun.  My little one loves to just watch people.  He’s so intrigued by other people.  Grab Starbucks and get some exercise in while your kid “people watches”.  You could even visit one of those little photo booths in the mall and take home a “present” for daddy :).

5.)  Visit a pet store.  Another weird idea but kids just love animals.  Go to a pet store, walk around and look at the animals.  You don’t have to buy a pet just because you’re there.  Be strong…don’t give in…you do NOT need a hamster.

6.)  Go to a gym or YMCA or something of that nature.  In my area there is a great gym for little kids with a ton of fun activities specifically for different age groups.  So fun!

7.)  Toy stores!  This might be a disaster when leaving the store as your little one will want to take everything home but it could be fun to see new toys, maybe even play with some.

8.)  Indoor play area.  Okay, I am not a fan of McDonald’s, I’m just not.  But you could go grab an ice cream cone and play in their kid’s area.  It’s a special treat and although your child may need a bath after, it’s something new and different to do.

9.)  Ikea.  I have not taken A here but I’ve heard that it’s actually quite fun taking a toddler to Ikea.  They have a play area but they also have a ton of cool stuff.

10.)  Lastly, you could just play inside.  I’m serious.  Just play inside with toys.  I know we’re adults and that can get old, especially when toddlers require so much attention 24/7 but do it for them.  You can keep them entertained if you interact.  Ideas:  cardboard boxes, crayons, paint, forts out of sheets, balloon soccer, etc.  Use Google and/or Pinterest for ideas.  I truly believe you can find something fun in your house right now and keep your child entertained for a good part of the day.  You just have to be creative!

Talk to you soon

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