Baby Painting

I found a fun activity on Pinterest a little while ago that allows your little one to paint his or her own canvas!  What?! 🙂

I couldn’t seem to find the activity on there but I remember you were supposed to take a canvas, squirt paint on it, cover it with saran wrap and let your little one feel, slap and to my surprise (although I shouldn’t have been surprised) walk all over it until the paint spreads out and eventually covers the canvas.  I finally got around to doing this today and although it wasn’t as “fun” for Andrew as I hoped it would be, it was still a good activity on this rainy day.  I’ll add this – I think this activity might be better for actual babies, not toddlers.  Andrew just wants to run around all the time so sitting there slapping a canvas is only fun for him for about 20 seconds…

Oh well, we carried on.  I pulled out a canvas that I’ve had for quite a while and grabbed my paint bottles out of the storage closet.  I squirted a ton of paint on the canvas and covered it with saran wrap.  I had all of these items on hand so the project itself didn’t actually cost me anything, hallelujah!  While I was getting this ready, Andrew found his favorite toy from the storage closet, that’s right, he found the Swiffer.  He loves this thing!  So weird…  Anyway, I put down some paper towels in the kitchen and set the canvas on top, trying to avoid a huuuugggee mess.

Andrew wasn’t really interested.  I did get him to step on the canvas and slap it a few times, but that definitely wasn’t enough.  So I guess it turned into a “me” project, but I think it actually came out pretty sweet!  I’m still calling it Andrew’s first art project and I added his initials to the bottom.  We might even wrap it up for daddy for Christmas. 🙂












Talk to you soon

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