Just Be… (and do some laundry while you’re at it)

Last night I made a list of everything I had to do today.  It was a long list.  I organized my day in my head.  Wake up, make coffee, play with Andrew, feed Andrew, feed myself, get Andrew dressed, clean myself up, get out the door early to start running errands, get home by 11 so Andrew can take a nap before his appointment, Andrew’s doctor appointment at 2, groceries, come home, make dinner.  I had to run to Target, the grocery store, pick up something from a friend, pick up something for a friend, clean the house before we have friends over tomorrow evening….and a few other Christmas related things.

This morning Andrew woke up at 5:15 and my day had begun.  I made coffee, played with him, dressed him, fed him, fed myself and started getting ready.  Andrew seemed extra sleepy this morning so he went down for a nap around 8:15.  Sometimes he takes two naps.  That’s okay.  I just rearranged my plans for the rest of the day.  I had time to shower and get ready so that was nice.  He woke up around 10:30.  Perfect.  I could give him some milk and a snack and head out.  I figured I could run a few errands, come home for lunch and then off to the doc.  So we came downstairs and I grabbed his milk out of the fridge.  Just as I was handing it to him he starts to vomit.  It was horrible.  I was not prepared at all, but no one ever is.  It just kept coming!  All of his egg, and spinach, and sausage…I know, sorry for that visual.  I did get lucky as he was standing on the small patch of tile in front of the door instead of the surrounding carpet.  Easy cleanup, yes!  I stripped him right there, took him upstairs and gave him a bath.  Ok, so just a slight change of plans.  Once he was all cleaned up I cleaned up the floor, rinsed his clothes and called the doctor.  He was supposed to get his vaccines today but I wasn’t sure if they wanted to give him any if he was sick.  They told me to just play the next few hours by ear.

He seemed fine after he threw up.  He was running around and didn’t have a fever.  Good!  So maybe it was just a weird stomach thing and now it’s over!  Ok, I’ll just run a few errands AFTER his appointment and do the rest tomorrow morning.  Noon rolled around and Andrew already seemed very sleepy….odd.  He was also getting pretty whiney.  I put in a movie and laid on the couch with him on my stomach.  The kid NEVER sits still, but he laid on me for a good 20 minutes.  I thought he might fall asleep.  He started to wiggle and whine and lifted his head up to look at me and…….blahhhhhhh!  Yep, he threw up all over me.  It went directly down my shirt and I could feel it running down my neck into my hair.  I thought, “well, it’s already all over me so I might as well save the couch”.  I just let him continue throwing up on the front of my shirt and pants, why get it all over the couch and carpet right? Right.  Ok so here we go again.  It’s all over him and all over me.

I know some people who shower with their kids.  They say it’s much easier that way.  I’ve never done that and neither has Kyle.  Even Andrew’s doctor suggested it to save time.  Let’s do this!  We lasted about 3 minutes in the shower so I switched it over to a bath.  That was an experience as well.  How do people do this?  He was trying to stand and was slipping all over and there was enough water in the tub to cover him but not me so I was freezing.  Long story short, or somewhat short, I just decided to get out and figured rinsing ourselves off was good enough.  My hair did not appreciate this decision.

I called the doctor back and rescheduled our appointment for next week.  We sat down on the couch again and I decided to enjoy this moment.  It’s horrible to see him not feeling well and I hate that I can’t make him better, but he gets so cuddly and it’s so wonderful to just sit there with my cheek on his little head.  He fell asleep on my stomach and I did not move until I realized I reallllyyyy needed to go to the bathroom.  So I put him in his crib and I’m currently writing this and watching the monitor very closely, making sure he stays on his tummy and that he’s still breathing :).

Last night I made a list of everything I had to do today.

That list clearly has nothing crossed off but the one thing it never had on it is what’s most important:  just be.  Just be.  Take care of that sweet boy.  Hug him and comfort him.  Sit on that puke smelling couch that you thought was clean with wet hair, a sick baby, and a granola bar (which is now all you’re eating for lunch) and cherish this day – this time in your life.  Don’t worry about dinner – order a darn pizza.  I love that kid so much and I would give up all of my “things” for a little puke down my shirt because you know what?  I get to cuddle my Tweety Bird all day.

And I get to do lots of really smelly laundry.

Talk to you soon

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