Thanksgiving family photos

I love Thanksgiving with my family.  For the last 5 or 6 years my parents have hosted a huge Thanksgiving at their house.  We always have a ton of family there – like 21+ people – and it’s so much fun.  We play games, eat LOTS of food of course, and hang out outside.  My parents live on a generous amount of land in the country and it’s so beautiful out there.  The boys normally hunt in the morning and everyone typically shoot skeet in the afternoon, although it was too windy this year.  It’s just great though – definitely one of my favorite times of the year.

This year my aunt wanted me to take some photos of her family.  My mom also wanted a “nice” picture of she and Andrew, as well as one with my dad and Andrew.  I took them right as the sun was going down and they turned out pretty good.  My aunt and her family are seriously beautiful people, inside and out.  I’ve always admired all of them.  Funny thing about them – I call the kids my “double cousins” because my dad’s sister married my mom’s brother…and no it’s not gross haha!  So here they are, and it’s crazy that they are blonde and blue eyed while my family all has brown hair and dark eyes (with the exception of my dad’s blue eyes).










Here is a sibling photo with my uncle, my aunt and my dad.


Lastly, my mom with Andrew and my dad with Andrew.

IMG_0351 IMG_0366

I love my family 🙂

Talk to you soon

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