The terrible “ones”

Our pediatrician told us that the “terrible twos” actually start at age one.  It’s really a “terrible one – twos”.  Yep, I’d say that’s true.

I can’t complain.  Andrew is a pretty good toddler, meaning well behaved, and his temper tantrums are actually quite funny.  Kyle and I usually don’t get frustrated with him, we just kind of chuckle and move on.  It really helps if you have a good sense of humor with this.  The kid just can’t communicate yet so it’s frustrating for him and I understand!  So he screams when he can’t play with the computer charger plugged into the outlet, or drink daddy’s beer (or mommy’s wine), or get up onto the couch because he’s just a tad bit too short…man, so irritating for him! Haha!  Poor thing.

However, the two tantrums that really have me muttering bad words to myself and forcing my brain to tell my body and mouth to stay calm are the diaper changing tantrum and the eating tantrum.  Oh my god, seriously?  I swear the neighbors are going to call the cops on me.  Andrew screams bloody murder when I change his diaper, like someone is attacking him and he needs to run for his life.  Do you know how hard it is to change a diaper quickly in fear that he is going to poop all over your living room carpet or pee in your face?  The other night I gave him a bath and I always sing, or give him a teddy bear or something to keep things calm and quiet afterwards.  So I have him wrapped up in his towel, I lay him on the bed and grab a diaper.  I give him his teddy AND try to tempt him with the lotion bottle (he loves chewing on it).  I’m singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and does it all work?  Noooo….  He starts arching his back and uses all of his strength to flip himself over and roll off the bed.  The kid is strong okay, I’m serious.  He gets away from me and I’m like, “Fine, you want to run around naked?  Fine.”  About 3 seconds later he is standing in the middle of his room and starts peeing on the carpet.  Greeeaaatttt.  Do I try to stop him?  Do I throw a towel over him?  Nope, I let him go.  I let him go because as he’s peeing, he’s looking down at himself with the most confused look on his face.  Like, “what the hell is going on here?”  It was hilarious!  Of course I was slightly pissed but his reaction was priceless.  When he was done I ran him downstairs to daddy and cleaned up his mess.  Ai yi yi!

The eating tantrum is getting a little better.  I’m trying not to worry so much about it and he seems to be eating more.  I can actually count on quite a few food items now.  One in particular that I’m really happy about is smoothies.  My sister-in-law introduced me to this idea and I’m so happy she did because Andrew loves his smoothies AND they’re healthy!  Woo hoo!  I usually blend a variety of frozen fruits, fresh spinach, Kefir, and a spoonful of peanut butter.  The peanut butter is key.  He still loves guacamole and has been doing fairly well with diced apples.  I usually give him scrambled eggs with spinach in the morning sometimes alongside a little pancake with fruit mixed in, depends on the day.  Oatmeal is another good choice and I mix in fruit, honey and almond butter.  Cheese cubes are always great and cheerios are a godsend!  He loves pasta for dinner but we are working on other options.  Anyway, we’re doing better with his eating but every now and then he will flat out refuse to eat or throw everything on the floor.  The other night he threw all of his lasagna on the floor.  That’s the worst!  It’s so messy and hard to clean up!

So we are in the temper tantrum phase and although it can be frustrating at times, I’m getting better at just laughing it off.  Even when he’s mad he’s still so incredibly cute, I think he knows that and uses it to his advantage.  Little stinker.  I just love him though and every “phase” in his early years is just so precious.  I know I’ll miss it one day.

Talk to you soon


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