DIY family portraits

When Andrew was 6 weeks old I wanted to take some family pictures, but I wanted to take them myself.  So I did!  I set up my camera on a tripod, had Kyle and Andrew stand in place, focused, set the timer and RAN into position.  They actually turned out pretty good AND I got a workout 6 weeks postpartum in the process LOL.  We did the same thing when Andrew was about 7 months old and I wanted to do it again since he is now a year old.  My husband is good about “entertaining” me with all of my ideas so he goes along with it like a good sport.  It’s a timely process because I can’t just push the button multiple times within 30 seconds…it doesn’t work like that.  It takes about a half an hour just to get 25 photos or so and you’re lucky if you get all of us looking at the camera.  Normally Andrew is looking at me because I’m literally running towards him.  So we adapt!  I try to use poses that don’t necessarily have us looking at the camera and it works much better.  Sometimes we do get all of us looking at the camera and those are always surprising, but awesome! Haha!

So Saturday morning I wanted to try this family portrait stuff again.  We got all dolled up and were out the door by 9:30 am.  It was perfect weather so I was pretty excited.  I had a location in mind and it took us about a half hour to drive there, but it ended up being closed!  What?!  So we drove to a different spot and it worked just as well.  We found a nice shaded brush area that would be a perfect background for our photos.  I like that I can take photos myself but it really is a lot of work.  I was in wedges, too, so it was extra hard to “run” into place without breaking my ankle.  I think we will be hiring someone for our next ones….

My only main critique is that the subject (aka us) is centered in most of the photos, which I usually hate.  Sometimes having the subject centered is good, but not ALL the time, it’s a pet peeve of mine as a photographer.  I probably shouldn’t point that out to everyone because now all of YOU will see it too, but it’s good to be honest (hehe)!

Anyway… the lighting was great, and I just LOVE my Canon lens!  I did manage to get some good ones so overall I’m happy.  I’ll share a few of my favorites with you.  🙂






I’m biased but my son has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen!



Talk to you soon

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