A Healthy Mind (Guest post on “Contender Wellness”)

A friend of mine from high school has been working on developing a wellness brand focusing on massage, exercise and proper nutrition in the Los Angeles area and surrounding counties of LA.  When he reached out to me and asked if I would write a guest post for his blog and website, I was flattered and excited!  So naturally I said, “Of course!”  I am always in support of promoting health and wellness, whether it be regarding exercise, healthy eating or even a healthy mind.  “Contender Wellness” focuses primarily on massage at the moment, but will be offering Nutrition/Meal Planning, Personal Training, Yoga, and Group Meditation in late 2015.  For more information on “Contender Wellness”, visit their website at http://www.cntndr.com/home.html and/or their blog at https://contenderwellness.wordpress.com.

I’ve thought a lot about what to write for my guest post.  I consider all aspects of health to be important, but physical health is spoken of fairly often and mental health a little less often.  Mental health is crucial to life itself.  Not that physical health isn’t crucial, but even if you aren’t in the greatest health physically, your mindset (aka mental health) can really help make your life more enjoyable.  Someone once told me that life is a mind game.  I’ve never forgotten that statement and believe it to be true.  The way you handle different situations will determine the type of outcome you receive.  Life can be cruel and unfair and sometimes it seems impossible to believe there is any good left in the world or that “everything happens for a reason” but there can be positivity found in any circumstance.  I myself have a hard time remembering this on certain days but it’s important to remind yourself daily that life is good, and life is precious.

How do we develop good mental health?  I’m not talking about how smart you are either.  I’m talking about how you view life.  So how do we acquire it?  You want to know how?  We find it.  That’s right, we find it within ourselves.  We all possess it, we just have to find it!  So how do we find it?  Confused yet?  I know, too many questions.  We find it by focusing on positive aspects of our lives, surrounding ourselves with positive people, turning all negativity away and realizing that our own individual lives on this planet are just that, individual.  You have the power and capability to possess good mental health (unless an actual illness takes place, I’m no doctor).  Give yourself a set of decent morals, be kind, always do the right thing and be honest.  Life WILL throw you curveballs.  You WILL feel sad at times and you WILL feel desperate, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy either.

We all lose sight of ethics every now and again.  Work gets in the way, road rage comes into play (didn’t mean to rhyme there 🙂 ), an argument starts because of different viewpoints, etc. etc. etc.  It’s impossible to rid yourself of ALL negativities but the key is to hold true to your own positive vibes.  Easier said than done, right?  Of course!  But that’s where a healthy mind comes in!  Ethics are shoved to the curb sometimes and we are left feeling, blah.  Try doing something nice for someone, it will make you smile.  Smiles are seriously contagious, that’s no lie.  Go for a walk, without your cell phone!  Listen to the birds, feel the breeze on your face, play in a rain puddle, open a window, watch your favorite TV show, look at your favorite photograph.  My point is, find something that makes you happy and DO IT!  For me, it’s probably yoga.  Yoga is so captivating.  I really miss it and I try to practice it (although not enough).  There is something so soothing about lying in a quiet room with your eyes closed and only focusing on breathing, nothing else.  It really clears your mind.

So what’s my point of all this?  Did I just go on a rampage?  Maybe I did – but happiness and mental health go hand in hand.  If you’re happy, you’ll feel better about life in general, you’ll treat others with kindness (hopefully) and you’ll utilize the brain you were given.  So go get a massage, do some yoga, fuel your body with healthy foods which in turn will help create a healthy mind, and if you’re able – get your body moving which will also help create a healthy mind.  Most importantly, pride yourself on living a life with good ethics.  Those ethics will better your life and give you a type of mental health that no one can take away.

Talk to you soon


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