“The middle of nowhere” sunrise

I grew up in a very small farm town in Northern California.  My dad is a rice farmer, my brother is a rice farmer, my grandpa was a rice farmer…everyone farms!  My brother and I would walk to school by ourselves without a blink of an eye – we would ride our bikes around town and no one ever worried – we would play flashlight tag at 10 pm while our parents played games inside (or whatever they did…).  It was a different world 20 years ago but it’s still a different world in a small town.  Life is simpler.  We drove 45 minutes just to get groceries.  The closest movie theater was a 15 minute drive and it only had one screen.  The town has 2 restaurants.  We don’t even have a stoplight.  High school fun included bonfires, Friday night football games and “cruising” around town.  We lived in “the middle of nowhere”.

I seriously couldn’t wait to leave that small town when I was about 15-18 years old.  I thought it was so boring.  Everyone knew everyone and you couldn’t do anything without someone hearing about it.  When I graduated I wanted to leave town so badly.  I ended up attending college 2 hours away.  It was still close but far enough away.  I remember moving into the dorms and thinking, “this town is HUGE!”  It’s actually not huge at all compared to most cities but it was a big change for me.  I only had to drive 5 minutes to get to a Target.  There were sooo many restaurants nearby and so much to do within a 10 mile radius.  I loved it!

After a few months, maybe even that first year, I found myself craving the open spaces of home.  I realized I couldn’t ever see the stars, and I mean really see the stars.  I could never escape the noise and there weren’t any back roads to travel to clear my head…what is up with that?  So I would visit home.  I would take that 2 hour drive and soak it in.  Hills, fields, animals and fresh air.  You could see for miles as soon as you pulled into my hometown.  I love visiting my parents now.  I feel a sense of relief when we pull into their driveway.  It’s no longer my “home” but it still feels that way, and probably always will.  I’m proud that I grew up there.  I treasure it now.  One of my favorite things about that little town is seeing the gorgeous sunsets and sunrises.  They are always beyond beautiful!

I took these two photos a few days ago when we were home for my brother’s birthday.  They are both of the same sunrise.  I took one and then took the other about 4 minutes later while the sun was actually rising.  My parents have a fantastic open view in all directions from their house and I just love it there. Aaaahhhh…



Talk to you soon

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