A’s Newborn Photos

I sound like a broken record but I really can’t believe my little baby is going to turn 1 in just a few weeks.  I find myself reminiscing a lot and I’m surprisingly emotional about it.  I am so happy that he’s growing and that he’s healthy but I just already miss the little baby stage.  I miss the first sound he made and the first smile.  I miss the first time he cried right out of the womb; life was given to him.  I miss his tiny little fingers and the way they held mine.  He’s still little and still a baby in a lot of ways but he’s just growing up too fast.  You realize how quickly life goes by when you watch your child grow and it’s just a little sad to me.  I love life, I love living and I love that Andrew was given a life.  I know we still have a lot of firsts to look forward to but it’s just not the same as a baby learning how to lift their own head or do something as simple as rolling over.  These are the things we take for granted and watching your baby do these “simple” things is so very precious.  Ugh, I’m a mess I know.

I was looking through old photos (yet again!) and came across his newborn photos.  I took these when he was between 2 and 3 weeks old and I thought I would share a few.  I’m biased but gosh he’s cute.



bunny butt







Talk to you soon

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