What to put on your Baby Registry

What the h*$% do I put on my baby registry?  This is what I was thinking when I was pregnant and I’m sure it’s what other new parents think about, too.  What do you need?

There are soooo many freakin’ baby products and gadgets and supplies out there and it’s really hard to know what you need for your first baby (or second or third…).  It’s overwhelming!  Being the organized person that I am…wait, have I mentioned that I’m organized?  Well, I am.  It’s a sickness and a gift but it’s swimming in my blood and it’s not going away.  I actually like to organize.  Sometimes I get bored and I’ll tell Kyle, “I’m gonna go organize”.  That’s just how I am.

So here I am freaking out about what I need for my first child to be safe and happy and healthy, and I decided to nip my anxiety in the bud and get organized!  Before we created our baby registry at Target and Buy Buy Baby, I made a list of what we should add.  I recently discovered this list while I was, you guessed it, organizing.  I thought I would share the list with you.  It might help you preggo women and expecting dads out there.  I must say this first though, we were blessed with 3 baby showers and received a TON of baby stuff.  I added everything I could think of to our registries, so keep in mind that some items on here are really more “wants” than “needs”.  I added my opinion and/or insight on a lot of the items as well and I hope you find it helpful!

Bigger Items

  • Crib (If you’re trying to save money, IKEA has some great cribs that are really inexpensive)
  • Crib mattress
  • Bassinet (This might be considered a “want” item because I think a crib is more important.  However, we used our bassinet for the first 3-4 months of Andrew’s life.  He slept in it in our room.  It seemed easier and I liked having him right there so I could make sure he was still alive LOL)
  • Changing table, or changing pad and pad cover (Get at least 2 changing pad covers because he or she WILL poop and/or pee on them!  We attached a changing pad to the top of a dresser so it’s a changing table and dresser all in one.  Some people don’t have a changing table or pad at all and just change baby right on the floor.  We do this sometimes and it’s fine.)
  • Stroller
  • Car Seat (If  you have two cars and plan on taking turns with drop off and pick up at daycare, get an extra base for the second car)
  • Pack n play (aka playpen – this is probably a “want” item but we use ours a lot)
  • Baby monitor (We have the Summer brand infant video monitor and love it!)
  • Highchair
  • 4Moms MamaRoo (In my opinion this is definitely a “want”.  Some people LOVE these things.  We were given one which was awesome because they’re pretty pricey but Andrew actually didn’t like it.)
  • Stationary Entertainer, Swing or jumper (we have a stationary entertainer that Andrew still uses.  I’d say this is a “want” but again, we use it a lot)


  • Infant bath tub (I preferred the actual bath tub.  Andrew would lay on a large sponge in the bath and I would use a minimal amount of water so it wouldn’t get in his ears.  It just seemed easier to me than the infant bath)
  • Shampoo rinser (I found I didn’t really use this until he was sitting up in the tub or sink, so you can always get it later if you wish.  You could always use a plastic cup instead, too.)
  • Bath toys (not tooootally necessary but they make bath time fun!)
  • Infant towels (hooded ones are handy and cute!)
  • Washcloths (we have about 10 infant washcloths and I would say I use all of them in between laundry loads)
  • Ointments and lotions (Aquaphor baby healing ointment is a great skin ointment and I love Johnson’s baby lotion)
  • Cleaning products/detergents (Dreft is a great brand! We use their detergent and cleaning wipes for toys)
  • Shampoo (regular ol’ Johnson’s baby shampoo is great)
  • Spout Cover with temperature reader (I have the 4Moms brand and still use it.  You don’t really need this but I like knowing that Andrew has the perfect temperature bath water; not too cold, not too hot.)
  • Bath knee pad mat (Still use my Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Time Easy Kneeler.  If you’re going to give baby a bath in the tub, get one of these!)
  • Tub no slip grips (These come in handy when baby can sit up in the tub unless your tub already has a no slip bottom)
  • Grooming kit (Not totally necessary but probably will be later down the road)
  • Comb (if your baby has hair…)
  • Nasal aspirator (Oh my gosh I can’t tell you how much I love the NoseFrida, aka snot sucker! Haha)
  • Nail clippers (seriously, their nails grow so freakin’ fast!)
  • Baby first aid kit/cpr guide (just in case, you never know!)
  • Baby thermometer (absolutely!  The forehead one we have isn’t very accurate so I would suggest a rectal or armpit thermometer)
  • Infant’s Tylenol and Advil (probably good to have these on hand just in case)

Mama Stuff

  • Nursing bras/tops (I had 3 nursing bras, 2 nursing tanks for sleeping and numerous nursing tops for everyday wear)
  • Breast Pump (If you choose to breastfeed and/or pump)
  • Breast pump accessories (I found that having 2 or 3 sets of the accessories was helpful so I didn’t have to wash the same set every two hours AND dry it.  I could let the one set air dry and use another clean set for my next pumping session)
  • Breast milk storage bags (I’ll pray that you have a great milk supply to be able to use these!)
  • Nursing pads (you put these in your nursing bra in case you leak.  Definitely great for overnight if you don’t pump in the middle of the night)

Room Items

  • Diaper Genie (I guess this could be a “want” item but I love this thing.  You will also need the bag refills and carbon filters. We have two diaper genies; one upstairs and one downstairs)
  • Hangers (lots and lots of hangers because OMG so many clothes)
  • Lamps (if you need lighting in baby’s room for middle of the night feedings)
  • Crib mobile (a “want” item)
  • Closet organizers (“want” item but definitely added more storage and organization to Andrew’s closet)
  • Waterproof mattress cover (sometimes I find it easier to change Andrew in his crib, and that can get messy…)
  • Crib sheets (2-3)
  • Crib bumper (There is a lot of debate over using one or not.  I personally did not use one but some people like to)
  • 2-3 sheets for the pack n play
  • Humidifier (I have not used this much but some people use it a lot especially when the child is sick)
  • Sound Machine (We LOVE this.  I use the white noise every single time Andrew sleeps)
  • Co-Sleeper (some people prefer having their baby sleep in their bed with them.  There is a co-sleeper called the Snuggle Nest that I’ve heard great things about)


  • Safety stuff (Baby proofing!  There are some great “kits” out there but the outlet covers are a must!)
  • Receiving blankets (I did not use ONE single receiving blanket, these are different from swaddles and other blankets.  They are smaller and I found that I didn’t need them at all however some people use them a lot)
  • Swaddle blankets (google how to swaddle your baby, very important! We had 3 that we really liked and used regularly)
  • Pacifiers and pacifier clips (just in case you need a break from the 2 am screaming)
  • Diapers (lots and lots of diapers in all sizes!)
  • Dishwasher basket (I tend to wash all of A’s stuff by hand but this comes in handy every now and then.  Not a necessity though)
  • Bowls/spoons/plates (you won’t need these until baby starts solids, around 6 months normally but I use the bowls a lot.  The bowls with suction on the bottom are great!)
  • Water bottles/sippy cups (you also won’t need these until around 6 months old but I have 3 and use all of them, they are training cups)
  • Baby wipes (lots and lots of baby wipes, too!)
  • Plain white onesies (I just liked these for around the house comfy wear and for pictures with his “monthly” stickers)
  • Storage bins (if you want to organize….hehe)
  • Teethers (I had wayyy too many of these but 3-4 seemed to be nice)
  • Bottles (some babies like different kinds of bottles so maybe add 2 or 3 different ones)
  • Bottle and nipple brushes (I’ve gone through a lot of these actually but you can just start with one and try it out)
  • Boppy and Boppy slipcover (if you are breastfeeding, or even bottle feeding, this little gem helps with holding the baby and resting his or her head on the boppy so your arm doesn’t fall off)
  • Car seat toy attachment (“want” item – fun for traveling)
  • Diaper bag (get a good one people!  Babies have a lot of stuff!  Although some parents use a backpack and like that just as much)
  • Burp cloths (We own like 20 of these and use ALL of them)
  • Bibs (again, we own like 20 and use all of them)
  • Blankets (soft, fuzzy blankets!  We have 3 and Andrew LOVES all of them!)
  • Crib skirt (not necessary but looks nice)
  • Infant socks (seriously, get quite a few of these.  Babies are just cold normally, especially if you give birth in the winter)
  • Baby Mittens (their nails are sharp and sometimes babies scratch themselves so we used these mittens a lot to cover Andrew’s hands.  They also helped keep his hands warm)
  • Baby Carrier (we loved our Baby Bjorn.  I even used it to clean the house, I would just carry him around in it.  It also came in handy when I went grocery shopping because the carseat tended to take up the entire shopping cart and I didn’t feel comfortable putting the carseat in the actual seat of the cart)
  • Shopping cart cover (for when baby can sit up.  Keeps germs away!)
  • Bouncy chair (“want” item but I used our bouncy chair A LOT!  I pumped so I would put Andrew in the bouncy chair while I pumped and it worked out great)
  • Activity gym (“want” item but fun for baby and helps him or her with fine motor skills)
  • Doorway jumper (Andrew used his a lot between 4 and 6 months old and absolutely loved it.  My aunt gave it to us and she bought it at WalMart for $8)

** I didn’t add baby clothes to our registries.  Some people do and some people don’t.  I found that we received a ton of baby clothes anyway.  I also really enjoyed shopping for cute clothes for Andrew!

**I also didn’t add small toys and books to our registries.  These are also items that we received a lot of anyway.

Where do you register?  Here are some options:

Target, WalMart, Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, Amazon, and MyRegistry.com (this website allows you to add items from different stores to one registry online).

I hope this list helps you feel a little more prepared for baby’s arrival.  It’s a lot of fun registering for baby so enjoy the experience and good luck!

Talk to you soon





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