Picky freakin’ kids

A is 11 months old and I constantly worry that he isn’t eating enough.  Every time we go see his doctor I’m always asking if he weighs enough.  He’s a shorty so his 20 pound body matches his height perfectly.  Even still, the kid barely eats any real food.  His Pediatrician always reassures me that nutrition from actual food isn’t totally concerning until after one year of age.  Right now it’s really about learning how to eat with your hands and tasting new flavors and textures.  Well, he’s 11 months old now so of course I’m freaking out that we only have one month left before he actually NEEDS to eat.  He takes a bottle like a champ and sucks down at least 24 ounces of formula per day, usually 28 ounces or so.  But like I said, he just won’t eeeeeeaaaatt.

I can always count on cheese.  The kid loves his cheese, but come on!  Cheese?  That’s not the healthiest of foods.  He does well with avocado, especially if it’s guacamole style with salt and even a little onion, and likes scrambled eggs every now and then.  He loves pureed sweet potatoes and pears, too.  Seriously though, that’s it!  I guess it’s not THAT terrible but I feel like he just won’t eat anything else and half the time I have to force him to eat anything at all.  Even our daycare lady said she’s never met a kid who didn’t like banana…that is, until she met Andrew.  Ai yi yi!

Funny thing is, I’ve always said I’m going to feed him healthy foods.  He’s not going to eat a bunch of crap because there is absolutely no need for it.  People give me a hard time sometimes because I won’t let him taste ice cream until his first birthday.  Well, he doesn’t NEED to taste ice cream and I’m worried it will make it even harder to get him to eat real food if he tastes sweets, like that’s all he’s going to want from then on.  However, I must say I’m getting a little desperate.  I’m going to try eggo waffles soon and the thought of that kills me a little but I’ve heard it’s a good tool to use to teach him how to hold onto something and bite.  So yeah, I’m feeling hopeless.

I’ve read up on this issue and found some good tips that I’m going to try before I totally give up and give in.  What do you all think about these?  Any advice from other parents out there?

-Try feeding your child while you eat.  Sit down and eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner at the dining table and place your child in his highchair at the table as well.  Feed him what you are eating.  Some kids are “social eaters” apparently and like to eat with company.

-Dip veggies in a sauce to mix up flavors, or combine fruits to give a variety of flavors.

-Never force feed even if your child isn’t eating.  He will eat when he is ready.

-Minimize distractions.  This one is hard for me because I often find that distractions actually help our situation.  Sometimes Andrew will be watching TV and it’s almost like he’s not paying attention to eating so he actually eats.  This is probably a terrible habit though so I’m going to put a stop to that.

-Let your child touch the food and utensil.  This one is also fairly difficult for me because I don’t like the mess but I know I need to let him work on feeding himself even if it’s avocado and gets EVERYWHERE!  I let him “practice” the other day and it wasn’t thaaaattt bad I guess. 🙂  In fact, it was kinda fun to watch him try to use his little spoon and lick his entire hand like his hand was what he was eating.

-Keep trying.  Even if he doesn’t like something once or twice, keep trying to feed him the same thing.  Sometimes they just need to acquire the taste for whatever it is.

I’m going to try all of these for a couple of weeks and see how it goes.  I just have to remember to be patient.  Wish me luck!  Any other tips and/or advice is welcome and appreciated!

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Talk to you soon

3 thoughts on “Picky freakin’ kids

  1. I am a mother of 3 and one of my sons was a picky eater too. he still is, to be honest. the best thing to do was, to make food not so important. he could tell that I was getting nervous as soon as it came down to food, so he got nervous too. to stop this, we watched tv or read a book and food was on the table, really as a minor matter. Plus I gave him what I had. He wanted to eat my food, so I gave it to him.


      • it´s like living with a dog, hailey, if you are nervous , aggressive, insecure the dog gets too. they can feel it and so does a child. that´s what i think. the more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your son will become. unless there is a physical problem he will not starve in front of filled plate. be patient and accept him not being hungry only because your clock tell you its time for food.

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