Telling too much?

I recently read a few blog posts about the content of “mom blogs”.  The subject is actually pretty controversial.  When I started this blog, my intention was to support other parents and maybe share some things to make their lives a little easier.  Parenting is hard but it’s absolutely wonderful.  I never truly thought about the fact that I would be sharing personal stories about not only my life, but my son’s life as well.  The question is this:  Are these stories about our children ours to tell?  Are we somehow crossing a line?  After all, these little people are just that, they’re people.  They have their own minds and although we as parents are their supervisors, if you will, they still have their own feelings and opinions.  As they get older they will have even stronger opinions and that’s probably when they will question their parent’s sharing of their stories.

I would never want A to grow up, read some of my posts or see some of the pictures I share and feel embarrassed or worse, ashamed.  I know that part of being a parent is to embarrass your children.  Not on purpose of course, but it’s just going to happen.  BUT, if we can control the amount of embarrassment, wouldn’t we make it as minimal as possible?

The first thing that comes to my mind about this topic is the story I told about A falling in our kitchen and cutting open his forehead.  I feel like the story was mainly about me and how I reacted but the actual star of the show was Andrew.  Is he going to read that post and think to himself, “Gosh why did she have to tell everyone about that?” Or will he say, “Mom, why did you show that picture of me in the emergency room to the entire world?”  And here I am bringing it up again…

Here’s my conclusion.  Social media, including blogs, is a huge part of our world today.  Some things about it are good and some not so good but the fact remains, it’s probably not going away.  It’s just a part of our lives now.  You can choose to ignore it or join it, it’s up to you and either decision is fine.  My own family sometimes doesn’t understand why I write about my life and why I post so many photos on Facebook or Instagram.  They say things like, “Don’t air out your dirty laundry”.  Some people also tell me that it’s kind of like bragging about how wonderful your life is, or the opposite, complaining about how awful your life is and hoping you get some support.  Now on the flip side, people also tell me that they LOVE seeing pictures of Andrew and how cute he is or how much he is growing.  They tell me they read my blog and love it.  One person wrote this comment on one of my posts and it really stuck with me, “The way I look at it is most people forget your posts after a few minutes but it’ll be so cool in a few years to show our kids this digital diary we kept of their childhood.”  How amazing is that?!  Whatever your reason is for writing and/or posting, I believe it’s your decision.  However, I think we all have to be respectful of what and who we write or post about.  From now on I’ll take into consideration my son’s feelings when I post something but I really hope that if and when he reads my blog and views my photos, he feels loved.  My life revolves around being his mommy and although it’s not easy at times, it’s the greatest joy in my life.  I started this blog because of him and I sincerely hope that he will read my diary and view my digital journal, and understand my love for him.


“No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you.  After all, you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside”

Talk to you soon

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