Best affordable baby boy clothes and where to find them

The older Andrew gets the more surprised I am by the amount of jammies he goes through.  He outgrows clothing quickly but it seems like I’m constantly buying him new pajamas.  I like him to have about 5 sets/pairs of jammies.  That seems to be a good amount since I do his laundry about every 3 days or so.  I always figured I would be buying pants and shirts for him all the time but never thought about jammies.  I love love love jammies though, he always looks so adorable in them!  Anyway, I thought I would share that little insight.

People always ask me where I shop for his clothes.  Here’s my answer:  Macy’s, Target, Zulily or Kohls.  I especially like Kohls because I can use a million coupons and get a really good deal every time I shop there.  They also seem to have the biggest selection of baby clothes.  If you don’t have a Kohls card, get one!  You will receive coupons in the mail and their rewards program is great.  You earn points every time you shop and those points eventually turn into Kohls cash that you can use towards future purchases.  You can combine coupons and use them all for one purchase, which is unusual in the shopping world these days.  I walk out of there spending $30 with a bag full of baby clothes, it’s awesome!  Also, they never question a return or exchange even if it’s like 3 months later!  They are always accepting and can look up your purchase through your account if you don’t have a receipt.  They’re always so easy!

Here are some of my favorite Kohls baby boy clothes:

I love these pajamas!  You get two sets of them and they’re so cute!


Click link below to find them at Kohls.

Jumping Beans is a great Kohls brand and they’re always super cheap!  I love their selection of t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and shorts.


Click link below for some great $5.99 thermals.

Carter’s is probably my favorite brand for baby clothes.  You can get a really cute and somewhat dressy outfit for $12.


Click the link below for one of my favorite little boy “going out” outfits.

Another website I love using is Zulily.  This website has new deals on products and brands every single day.  Most items are up to 70% off and it’s always good quality!  They had Crocs on there the other day and today they have Toms.  I ordered Andrew a pair of Toms shoes for $19.99, originally $54.  I can buy him a pair of shoes from Target for that price and they’re not nearly as cute or comfy.  It’s fun to check Zulily in the morning and see what’s new that day.  They have a limited amount of each item and the product or brand is only on the site for a certain amount of time.  They have more than just clothing, too.  They have gadgets, home goods, decorations and more.  Name brands for a fraction of the price!  You have to have an account with them but it’s no big deal.  The only downside I’ve noticed is that they don’t accept returns and their shipping seems to be fairly slow.  I ordered Andrew a pair of Crocs for Christmas on August 19th and they still haven’t shipped yet (it’s September 8th now).  So I would expect to wait at least a month before you receive your items.  You also can’t really search for something specific on Zulily, you just have to get lucky on what’s new that day which is fun but not super convenient sometimes.

Below are a few things I’ve personally ordered off of Zulily.  Love them!

Here are the Toms shoes I just ordered today, so cute!


I ordered these Mickey Mouse Crocs for Andrew for Christmas.


I got this awesome “around the house” shirt for myself recently.  I paid $15 for it.  Gosh I love pizza!


I bought my mom, aka Gigi, this sign a few months ago.


Last but not least, I bought the hubby a grill caddy for Father’s Day so he doesn’t have to make two trips down to the BBQ anymore.



Check them all out at

One other website I have to mention really quick is Etsy.  You can find awesome, handmade, personalized items on Etsy.  I bought Andrew an outfit for his cake smash photo shoot coming up as well as a Mickey Mouse shirt for his first birthday party.  You might pay a little more for these items but they’re always great quality and I love supporting small businesses that people typically run out of their homes.  They’re items that you can’t really find in a store and since they’re normally handmade, they’re basically one of a kind!  Check it out!

Talk to you soon


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