Cale and Amanda are getting married!

I have always loved photography.  I studied it in college and have a degree in Art Studio with an emphasis in Photography.  I absolutely loved my college courses and could spend hours in the darkroom; it was my happy place.  I always used an old 35mm camera, developed my own film and printed my own photos.  The college I attended didn’t offer any digital photography classes and I didn’t think about how film photography would affect my career when I graduated.  So I graduated with an art degree and wondered what to do.  I soon realized that building a career in photography was not going to happen using film.  I did end up becoming a second shooter for a wedding photographer and I got a few side photography gigs here and there but I definitely wasn’t ready to start my own business and I honestly didn’t really have the motivation either.  I knew I would have to take out a loan to start a business and I wouldn’t make much money for the first few years. The thought of being broke for a few years scared me, especially when I had a serious boyfriend at the time and wanted to get married and start a family.  I decided to take a job elsewhere (my current job) and I really love what I do.  I still love photography and it’s still a hobby of mine.  Now I take a million photos of my little one and still do some side gigs when I’m able and willing.

This weekend I had the privilege of taking my brother and future sister-in-law’s engagement photos.  It was so much fun and I think they turned out well.  We took them about an hour after sunrise at my parent’s house.  My parents live out in the country with wonderful views and open space.  It’s a small farm town and it’s where I call home.  It was a wonderful weekend!  I thought I would share their love with you all.














It’s so nice seeing my brother happy.  He’s a great person and deserves happiness.  I’m thankful that he has Amanda as a partner and I’m excited to be a part of their future as a family.  Welcome to our crazy world, Amanda!

Talk to you soon

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