The dreadful car seat

A is 10 1/2 months old and we are already fighting the car seat.  He screams when I strap him in, and I mean SCREAMS!  It’s almost scary.  I’m always looking around waiting for someone to rush over and save him because he acts like I’m breaking his little arm.  Yesterday I picked him up from daycare and he did his usual screaming fit.  I looked at our daycare provider and said, “I swear I’m not hurting him.  I’m not a bad mother!”  I don’t know what is “normal” baby behavior and what is not.  I have nothing to compare him to so sometimes I can feel a little lost.  I cried the whole drive home.  It was really a combination of things.  The car seat thing was part of it but it was also the fact that A has been crying when the daycare lady hands him to me.  He cries and reaches for her like he doesn’t want to come with me.  I know he’s a baby and it seems so silly to get hurt by this but I do.  It really does hurt my feelings and makes me feel like he doesn’t like me.  I know, it’s crazy, of course he likes me I’m his momma.  I’m just saying it sucks that I work all day and look forward to picking him up after hours of missing him, and then he wants to stay at daycare….ai yi yi!

So here I am crying on the drive home, feeling silly about it but not being able to stop either.  This morning I asked our daycare lady if the tantrums are normal and she was very reassuring.  She said all kids do this when you put them in their car seats and that it’s probably only going to get worse.  Then I got to work and started talking to some other mommas and they told me the same thing. Phew!  I’m relieved!  I guess kids just hate car seats, but thank god for them!  Keep our babies safe, you dreadful seat!

I’m the type of person who needs reassurance.  I just am.  Some people don’t understand that but it’s just because everyone is different.  I am always arguing with myself in my head.  It really helps to have support from people and hear that everything is okay.  I know I’m a good mom but it’s really nice to hear it once in a while.  So I’m here to tell all of you:  You’re a good parent.  You love your kids more than anything and you try every single day to make them happy and keep them safe.  You’re doing great, and so am I.  Awhhh, feels better. 🙂

Talk to you soon

P.S.  I feel like most of my posts are going to be very vague.  This really has no point to it other than the car seat tantrum is apparently normal and I can relate to a mommy meltdown every now and again…yeah that’s basically it. (hehe)

2 thoughts on “The dreadful car seat

  1. I sing to my little one before we even get to the car… the same song every time so that she knows whats coming. Just like us, they probably don’t like things surprising them so when they hear the song they think oh yeah this car seat thing is coming. Also, I am calm because if I tense up at all she will sense it. She also gets distracted by the mirror I put for her to see into and lately I have been pointing out the car light and she now looks for it while I strap her in and now we even made up a song about the light.

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