DIY Reading Nook

I’ve been wanting to make A his own little reading nook for a few weeks now and when I get an idea in my head, I just can’t let it go.  I started searching for ideas on Pinterest and came across quite a few cute ones but I wanted to make something easy and inexpensive.  I found one idea on a blog that used a hula hoop and some fabric, and at the bottom of the post the writer mentioned you could even use a shower curtain.  Flashing lights went off in my head!  Thank you fellow blogger!  I have TWO old shower curtains collecting dust in our storage closet that would be perfect for this reading nook, especially because their colors blend perfectly into A’s room.  I picked the yellow one and it was go time!

I started making a list of what I needed and went shopping.  Side note:  It’s nice that I can take Andrew anywhere and he can’t complain or refuse to go :).  Off to Joann’s and Target I went!  I picked up a $4 hula hoop at Target (I looked at the Dollar Store because I had heard I could find one there but they didn’t have any), then went to Joann’s and purchased 2 rolls of silver ribbon at $3 a roll, 7 yards of a gray burlap ribbon at $2 a yard, a hook for the ceiling at $3, a metal ring at $.50, and a roll of canvas rope at $5.  So my total cost to make the reading nook was about $32.50 along with tax.  So let’s say it was really about $35 or so.  Not bad for a cute little reading nook that A can utilize when he gets a little older and I’m sure he’ll turn it into some sort of fort which is cool, too!

Okay, now I have my supplies and it’s time to get crafty!  I started by wrapping the hula hoop with the gray burlap ribbon because I didn’t want the bright polka dot pattern of the hula hoop hanging from the ceiling.  7 yards covered all of the hula hoop’s design perfectly and a little hot glue kept the end of the ribbon in place.  Now it looks clean and fresh.  Next, I cut the silver ribbon into twelve strips (since there are twelve slots on the shower curtain where hooks would normally go), 10 inches in length per strip.  I looped the ribbon in each slot on the shower curtain and tied it to the wrapped hula hoop, finished with a bow of course :).  Do you see it all coming together yet?  The next step was to take the metal ring and loop the canvas rope through it, tying each end of the rope to the hula hoop.  I needed three strands of the rope, all looped through the metal ring, to keep the hula hoop from swaying.  Once that was in place, I attached the hook to the ceiling using it’s plastic anchor.  Note:  I only used the plastic anchor and hook because the hula hoop/shower curtain was light.  I wouldn’t suggest using the plastic anchor if you’re hanging something heavy from the ceiling.  Anyway, I then grabbed the metal ring and placed it on the hook hanging from the ceiling and there you have it!  A perfect little reading nook for your little one!  I just love it so much!  I also made a giant pillow that sort of turned into a pillow “seat” once folded in half.  So now A has a little pillow seat inside his reading nook.

Real quick, the pillow was made out of one big piece of fabric cut into two pieces (depending on how big you want your pillow), and stuffed with two bags of batting.  I sewed it which took about 15 minutes and it probably cost me about $20 total.

I hope you find A’s reading nook as cute as I do!  I might even use it myself when I read to him…okay, I actually already did use it to read to him and it’s pretty awesome! Totally fort-like!  Finished product below.

IMG_1656 IMG_1665 IMG_1666 IMG_1658


Gosh I love DIY projects!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Talk to you soon


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